I have been working on a new nonfiction piece that I have titled "Speed." It is a work of philosophy and a study of life, innovation, language and ideation with applications to business, government and even defeating ISIS. The premise of the book is based partially upon the work of Chardin back in the early 1900s in his creation of the concept of the Noosphere and its similarities to the biosphere.

In this book, I attempt to expand upon Chardin's work by adding a probability framework that is itself based upon evolution to create an understand of how inventions and ideologies happen and how they spread.

For example, I explore the way major religious ideologies like the Protestant Reformation were dependent upon transformative technologies in communication represented by Gutenberg's moveable type press and how ISIS is likewise dependent upon today's Internet.

The book is both descriptive of my new framework which I call Noology and prescriptive about its application to current world problems.