my family, background & work


My [Wonderful] Family

My wife of almost 40 years and I live in Sherborn Massachusetts where we have raised our family since 1985. Our oldest daughter, Emily also lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two boys, our grandsons. Becca, our youngest daughter is living in Seattle and working in the graphics arts industry.

My Background

I was born and raised in the Bronx New York, which explains a lot. I went to New York University and studied physics and Electrical Engineering (which we now call computer science). I moved to Massachusetts when I graduated from NYU and have lived in the Boston area since.

I enjoy tennis, swimming, a little golf and hiking. My wife and I enjoy traveling and playing with our grandchildren.

As shown on this website, I love to work with my hands and have enjoyed various art forms from painting and sculpting to film editing and photography. I've even played with music, but frankly not that well.

At this point, I'm working on my second book and I'm attempting to focus more on my family as it is experiencing recent rapid growth.

My Work

I have run my own companies for over 30 years and have spent roughly 15 years teaching business. I have stayed involved with technology and love learning new industries and technologies.

Of late, I have been focusing more on philosophy and writing but I derive a great deal of joy from working with entrepreneurs and helping businesses with strategy and technology.