growth Management

an online business course designed for small and medium sized businesses

Bob Caspe - “I have condensed the critical components of my MBA Course into four hours of online education aimed at small to medium sized businesses”

Bob Caspe - “I have condensed the critical components of my MBA Course into four hours of online education aimed at small to medium sized businesses”


you Need This Course

  • If you’re trying to raise capital

  • If you’re trying to sell products or services to other businesses

  • If You’re Trying to GRow

  • If you want to innovate

  • If you need a marketing strategy

23 modules plus a set of free exercises and companion book

Table of Contents

  • Growing Your Business - Introduction

  • Innovation - Why it’s going faster, and how it impacts your business

  • Raising your Probability of Success - Understanding and managing risk

  • The Myth of Passion - lots of educators will say that “you need passion for your business.” I say just the opposite. “Passion can get you into trouble.”

  • B2B Selling - the tips and techniques for selling B2B

  • B2B Sales Management - How to recruit and manage a sales team

  • Yes and No - Hearing a customer say “yes” or “no” is just the start of the process

  • Raising Capital - The various sources for and uses for capital

  • Selling Stock - How selling stock works, and using it as an incentive for employees

  • Customer Financing - The best way to raise money for your new product or company

  • Marketing Overview - What is marketing and how does it work?

  • Value - Learning to understand and communicate the value of your product to your customer

  • Growing a Medium Sized Business - Often, companies plateau in their growth. Here’s a method for continuing your growth.

  • Pre-Existing Category Marketing - how to manage the marketing campaign for a product that fits into an existing category

  • Real Time - Vela Rosa - an interview with an entrepreneur who struggles with category for his product

  • New Category Development - how to build a new category product

  • New Category Development Part II - focusing on direct marketing methods

  • Media Efficiency - How to decrease the cost of customer acquisition through better targeting

  • Metrics - How to measure the effectiveness of a marketing program

  • Public Relations - How to use PR

  • Extending the S-Curve - Finding ways to grow your company regardless of its size through extending your current business model

  • Building a New S-Curve - How to grow your business into a completely new category

  • Partnerships - A method to increase the speed of market growth while reducing the risk

The complete course is $600 and includes 23 video instructional modules plus 1 hour of FREE* Skype Consulting with Bob - A $250 Value

*You must agree to allow me to record the session, edit it, and then add it to my course as further instructional material for other students.

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Here’s a FREE SAMPLE of my online course videos. Enjoy watching.

Entrepreneurial Action - Textbook for Startups

This is the same textbook that Bob wrote for and is used by his and other's MBA classes in Entrepreneurial Business.  It covers a large number of topics ranging from how to do stock option plans and venture funding to marketing and sales.  Many entrepreneurs have come to rely upon the guidance found in this book to start and grow their business.

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Free - 8 Real Questions and Answers from Real Entrepreneurs

In 2012 I participated in REDDIT as an expert on entrepreneurship.  Here are 8 questions and answers that were commonly asked.



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