You have helped me focus on what I need to focus on...I guess I have been waiting for someone like you to put them into perspective.
— Dan Loo, PE, LEED AP O+M CASE Energy

Bob Caspe has written several essays on various technical topics centered around his experience with digital imaging and DSP development. He has also written a textbook entitled "Entrepreneurial Action" which he uses when teaching his course: "Marketing for Entrepreneurs" at the Babson College MBA program. Other teachers have also adopted this textbook.

Bob also occasionally maintains a blog with his various rantings.


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I wrote and used this book for my MBA class at Babson College.  The class was on entrepreneurial marketing, but the book covers many more aspects of starting your own business.  

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Entrepreneurial Action Version 2.5.12

Entrepreneurial Action Version 2.5.12

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Technical Essays

An Essay on the Consumer Photographic Experience
This essay by Bob Caspe explores the basic psychology of consumer photography and speculates on the next wave of consumer cameras and printing.


An Essay on the Factors for Success for developing a DSP company
This essay by Bob Caspe describes the factors necessary for the creation of new DSP products. (78kb)


An Essay on how an electronic shutter works in a CMOS camera (111kb)

This essay describes the operation of an electronic shutter in a digital camera and how it is different in important ways from a mechanical shutter in a conventional film camera.



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