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I have been teaching entrepreneurship and marketing for over fifteen years, twelve of which were at Babson College's MBA program.  As well, I have given lectures and taught courses throughout the world at leading business schools including Freiburg University (Switzerland), UDD (Chile), FGV (Brazil), and others, and at incubators all over the world including Mass Challenge (US) and others.  A sample of some of my lecture material can be found in videos on the Gallery page of this website.  In these videos I discuss Value, Media Efficiency, Increasing your Probability of Success and Customer Decision Making.  Various topics that I cover in lectures are also covered more briefly in essays in my blog.   Check out my analysis of Shark Tank and American Idol.

I also offer an online course called Growth Management that can be purchased from this website. Visit this link and read more about it…

Growth Management

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Marketing for Entrepreneurs

13 Two and one half hour lectures that build an understanding of how small companies grow through marketing and sales.  Topics covered include: How Small Business Works, Marketing Programs and Campaigns, Selling, Partnerships, Ecosystem Analysis...

Starting Your Business

A 2 hour lecture on the challenges of starting a new entrepreneurial venture.  The topics discussed include: customer acquisition cost, raising capital, how innovation works, the new environment for startups.

Entering the US Market

Two four hour lectures covering the challenges for a non-US based company on entering the US market.  Covered are: developing an understanding of your differential value, US legal environment, US selling, US Marketing, Partnerships, Ecosystem Analysis

Large Company Innovation

A four hour lecture on understanding how the process of innovation has changed and how large companies can identify new business models that can rapidly grow their businesses.


Educational Podcasts

These podcasts were made by students and entrepreneurs who discuss the challenges and approaches that they experienced in their startup