Do you know Bob?



Do you know Bob?

well if you don't, you should


Bob has over forty years of experience with technology and corporate growth and can offer you help in growing your company and developing new technologies.  Bob has founded and run several high technology firms, has taught business and entrepreneurship at the MBA level and has consulted with hundreds of businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises.

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Get your Priorities Straight
Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneurship 101
The BOOMER Business Owner



Entrepreneurial Action

This book is for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business.  I used it when teaching my graduate course at Babson.

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One Hour Business Evaluation Session

Learn about this program designed specifically for entrepreneurs

Learn about this program designed specifically for entrepreneurs

I typically begin an engagement with a one hour skype session where we can review your business model and look for obvious opportunities for improvement.

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"Call me Bob!"

I was born and raised in the Bronx New York, which explains a lot. I went to New York University and studied physics and Electrical Engineering (which we now call computer science). I moved to Massachusetts when I graduated from NYU and have lived in the Boston area since.

I enjoy tennis, swimming, a little golf and hiking. My wife and I enjoy traveling and playing with our grandchildren...

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How can he help you?





How can he help you?


Bob changed the trajectory of my career. He pushes me to do the things that matter even when it makes me uncomfortable, and makes a complex world appear simple. Before Bob, I lacked the confidence and context to start a company. With Bob, I feel I can achieve anything.
— Brian Hayden, CEO ShapeLog


Consulting Services


Small Company Development

I can quickly grasp a new business idea and understand the challenges that exist.

Due Diligence

I can also help investors to evaluate business and marketing strategies at both the technical level as well as strategies for market development.


Large Company Innovation

I can create processes in your company that foster business model changes that open new markets and offer growth.


Imaging Industry

I understand both the technology and algorithms and can point to new applications and opportunities.