The bests insights about startups sales and marketing I got attending Bob classes. He has a personal way to teach you how move foward on early stages of businesses and to find your niche. Thanks to him I made a big change in my professional life.
— Renato Mendes ICS, Manufacturing


my mission

With most of my clients, my focus is on strategy and how technology will influence their business model.  Often, I assist the client with developing a better understanding of their ecosystem and how they can achieve maximum growth with a minimum of capital.  As well, given that I have over thirty years of experience running companies, I often can help the CEO with operational issues relating to growth and infrastructure.  Many of my blog entries are observations of how businesses work and can help you to better understand my approach.  Check out my essays on Shark Tank and American Idol and on Corporate innovation.


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Small Company Development

To assist companies with the development of a Rational Strategy that leads to the creation of innovative products and marketing programs. I have seen hundreds of business plans and models and I am well versed on many technologies ranging from the drug industry to computer science. As such, I can quickly grasp a new business idea and understand the challenges that may exist. I enjoy working with young entrepreneurs and helping them see their dreams materialize.


Due Diligence

I can also serve the investment community in helping to evaluate business and marketing strategies at both the technical level as well as strategies for market development.  My substantial experience in system design of both hardware and software, IC development and channel development enables me to effectively evaluate both product and business plans.


Large Company Innovation

Large companies are struggling with innovation and keeping pace with technology. I can assist them with creation of processes that can foster business model changes that can keep them relevant and offer growth.


Imaging Industry

I have extensive industry knowledge in the imaging business.  This ranges from medical imaging to consumer imaging.  I am knowledgeable at both the technical and algorithmic level as well as the market development and industry trend level.


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