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Ready to Buy? - A One Hour Business Model Evaluation Session

If you're an entrepreneur and you have been struggling to find direction then I think that I can help you.  Most entrepreneurs have no one to talk to and could use some objective advice and evaluation.  I have extensive experience in marketing, sales, tech development, fundraising and management.  I have been in your shoes many times, having started several successful companies.

We begin by reviewing your business model and current status.  Next, with my help we analyze the challenges that confront you and create a short term strategy to success

I've done this process through SKYPE with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business CEOs all over the world.  It's effective, quick and it can help you to break through a barrier that is challenging you today.  Give me a try.  You won't be disappointed, I guarantee it.  If at the end of a session you are not 100% satisfied, then there will be no charge whatsoever.


"Engaging with Bob for an hour was more than enough to get some incredible insights regarding product positioning and business strategy. He is a sales-focused adviser with a sharp eye for the things that really matter to the customer."

Juliano Simões
Diretor de Tecnologia
CentralServer - Brazil

"Bob's experience helps me to see 10 steps ahead.  In the last five years with Bob as an adviser I've been able to grow a business to 7-figures, sell it successfully and then launch a new business based upon ideas that we developed together."

Jay Rice, CEO
Thinking Chat
Massachusetts, USA

"He's upfront and practical.  He cares about my success."

Daniel Loo, CEO
Case Energy
Rhode Island, USA

"Clear, concise, and inspiring! Bob's business insight and experiences helped us dig deeper into our business."

Ty Griffin, COO
COI Energy Services
Florida, USA