I have two questions that I would like to pose to the entrepreneurs out there and I'm interested in your responses. Question 1 -

Assume that you have a product idea and you have found a perfect customer. Your customer is a large company with a strong balance sheet.

You make your pitch and the customer says: "I love it. Let's get started." But, you don't have the needed cash to get started. So you ask the customer if they will advance you the cash. It's a small amount in comparison to their cash on hand. They say: "We're not a VC firm. Go find the money somewhere else."

The question is: What should you do? Should you look elsewhere for the money or move on and find another opportunity?

Question 2 -

You have a product idea and you approach a large company that can be a customer. They have a strong balance sheet. They love the product, but you determine that what you're selling will not be of any interest to any other customer, or in other words, this product does not lead to a scalable business. Yet, the customer is ready to give you and order and you will make a profit on the first transaction.

The question is: What should you do? Take the business or move on to some other opportunity?

Please leave your analysis in the comments section and I'll give my opinion after getting a few of yours.