After seven years of working at Babson and after being twice nominated for teacher of the year,  I was told to sever my relationship as a result of, what appeared to me, to be frivilous complaints, for example, the color of the Babson background on my "Current Projects" page being too close to "Babson green."  Whatever. In any event, I have enjoyed my tenure at Babson, having met thousands of energetic and enthusiastic budding entrepreneurs and I am on to the next chapter of my life.

I am teaching at the IEC and my first course, "The Entrepreneurial Start-Up" will start on September 7th and extend until November 9th.  We have room for 30 students and as of this writing, there are only 17 slots left.  I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own entrepreneurial venture.

It is clear to me in retrospect that the college system (and possibly the entire educational system) is broken.  College has become far too expensive and for the most part, the faculty resist change and enjoy the power and perks of the tenure system, passing off the students to adjuncts while living comfortably in their ivory towers and abdicating any responsibility for the financial success of their institution.

Many smaller schools with meager endowments will likely fold, or be folded into other universities while we reevaluate our priorities.

Is a five-star hotel experience really what college is supposed to be about?  How will online education effect the definition of higher education?  Is it really about learning or about the paper that you get?

These are interesting questions and in some way I hope to be part of the change.